Rebates for Solar Installations in Alberta


The government of Alberta has announced that it will be investing 36 million dollars into residential and commercial solar power in the province.  The money is collected from the carbon levy and will help Albertan homeowners and businesses to adopt a solar power system. The incentive takes the shape of a rebate on the cost of installation, reducing the total cost by between 25-33%. This incentive is estimated to quadruple the existing solar capacity in the province.

Rebates for solar installations for homes, businesses and non-profits

Energy Efficiency Alberta is offering a 75 cents per watt rebate on the cost of installation. The size of a PV system is measured by its capacity with units of power, W.

Residential systems have a capacity around 2-10,000W or 10kW, and have an installation cost of around $3 per watt.

For a 3kW,  the rebate will reduce the installation cost by around $2,250.

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