Grid-Tied Solar Products

We have access to a wide range of solar modules(commonly referred to as solar panels), inverters, microinverters, and racking systems to meet all your system needs. Below are just some of the products we are currently installing. Contact us if you are looking for a product or solution not shown below.

Crystalline Solar Panels

Solar modules captures sunlight and convert it to a direct electrical current. 60-cell poly-crystalline solar modules are about 65 inches tall and 40 inches wide and weigh approximately 40lbs (1.6mx1m, 18kg) and have an efficiency in capturing sunlight of around 16%. They are the most popular choice because of their competitive cost per watt.

The solar cells that make up a mono-crystalline solar module are made of higher purity silicon and because of that they have higher efficiencies. The cells are much darker in appearance than the polycrystalline cells, and are often assembled in front of a black back sheet to give an appearance that beautifully blends in with shingled roofs.

We have access to a wide range of Tier 1 and CSA approved solar modules. All the modules we supply are tested according to IEC 61215, which includes hail tests, thermal- and hotspot cycling. All the modules, whether they are mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline, carry a twenty five year production warranty. Modules’ availability vary with supply. Please contact us for more information.


Grid-Tied String Inverters

An inverter converter DC electricity generated by solar modules to AC electricity to be used around a building. Most inverters have a standard 10 year warranty which is extendable. Most string inverters have either a NEMA 3R or NEMA 4X enclosure which are suitable for outdoor installations. Their capacities range from 2kW to 10kW for single phase connections for residential systems and small commercial systems, as well as 10kW to 40kW for three phase commercial systems. String inverters are typically transformerless and rely on natural convection for cooling. Inverters must comply with the CSA22.2/UL1741 standard.


Grid-Tied Micro-Inverters

The APS YC500A Microinverter converts the DC electricity from only two solar panels to AC electricity. APS micro-inverters allow for individual level module monitoring and Maximum Power Point Tracking, which means that panels (and micro-inverters) have no impact on other panes or micro-inverters. So if a panel or micro-inverter were to fail other modules or microinverters will remain operational. APS Microinverters have a standard 10 year warranty which is extendable to 25 years.


Kinetic Flush Mounted Racking System

Kinetic K-Rack Flush Mounting is a Canadian designed and manufactured racking system. Some of its features include 48” span between penetration points, integrated bonding within the clamping system, and adjustable rail height . We also use Kinetic’s Multirail System for landscape arrays, which reduces the amount of roof penetrations by 30%.