Beyond CE Code 64-112’s 120 and 125 percent rules

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Most solar PV systems are connected to a property’s distribution centre. Solar inverters feed AC electricity to connected appliances, and any extra power is back-fed to the grid to power other appliances in the network. However, the Canadian Electrical Code limits the connecting capacity of multiple power sources feeding a distribution centre. In this article I will explain why such … Read More

Is solar PV a reliable energy source?

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Solar PV is often criticized for not being a consistent or reliable source of energy. The sun doesn’t always shine when we need it, and it can be difficult or impossible to accurately predict short-term performance because it is strongly influenced by the weather. However if one were to take a step back and evaluate over the long-term they may … Read More

Saskatchewan’s Small Power Program

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Saskpower Small Power Program

In our last blog post we discussed Saskatchewan’s solar net metering program offered by Saskpower. The Small Power Program is another type of settlement that Saskpower offers which may be suitable for large power consumers. The Small Power Producers Program is a Feed-in-Tariff agreement where Saskpower will pay for all the energy generated on-site for a guaranteed rate for 20 years. Depending on … Read More