3.88kW with SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter

Moustafa Youssef

grid-tied solar PV system in Bowness, Calgary, Alberta

We recently designed this 3.88kWdc system on a home garage in Bowness, Calgary . The garage experiences some shading from the neighbour’s tree and so we decided that we have to install a system that allows for each solar panel or module to be optimized independently. We designed the 3.88kW solar PV system with SolarEdge HD Wave Inverter. Each solar … Read More

Two kilowatt grid-tied system in Calgary

Moustafa Youssef residential grid-tied installs in Calgary

east and west facing solar arrays

This two kilowatt grid-tied system in Calgary offsets more than one third of the annual electrical energy consumption of its home. A unique financing program Bassem wanted to make the switch to solar for a long time but wasn’t impressed by the leasing programs offered by his retailer. He wasn’t keen on making a hefty downpayment and preferred to finance … Read More