9.23kW Grid-Tied Sunpower System in Edmonton, Alberta

Moustafa Youssef residential grid-tied installs in Calgary


This residential solar power system in Edmonton contains 41 high-end SunPower modules with an efficiency of a whooping 18%. The solar modules are installed on four sub-arrays around the house, including on its south western wall. The 9.23kW system has a total DC capacity of 9,225 W (9.23 kW) and is expected to generate about 10,000kWh per year, which will offset the … Read More

The Smith’s 3kW

Moustafa Youssef residential grid-tied installs in Calgary

Bassano Grid Tie Solar

Bill and Shiela got tired of their power bill and decided to do something about it. They got in touch with us and told us about their intentions of going solar. We went over to Bassano, evaluated their roof and discussed their needs and expectations. They decided to install twelve panels on the southern roof of their home which generate upwards of … Read More