Can Solar FIT in Alberta?

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Can Solar FIT in Alberta? The Pembina Institute in their report Power to Change provided a plan to reduce ghg emissions from the power sector, by expediting the retirement of Alberta’s coal fired power plants and converting its two youngest to burn biomass, working on energy efficiency and of course developing our renewables capacities. Below I will try to describe … Read More

Is Solar Subsidizing the Alberta Grid?

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neighbour power solar panels

Progressive governments that are serious about renewable energy and climate change subsidize solar in order to make investments in it more rewarding. With oil prices threatening the province’s books there is no sense in asking for such incentives, but what if I told you that we can accelerate the adoption of solar power in our province without any cost to … Read More

Decentralizing vs Disconnecting

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The Dream Many customers that consult with us have a dream of living in an off-grid home powered by solar. Of ridding themselves of the utility meter, and paying no more bills.  This dream is easier than ever for homeowners to achieve since solar and electrical energy storage systems are now more accessible and affordable than they ever have been. But is going off the grid the … Read More