Beyond South: lower installed costs with east-west facing solar panels

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In the northern hemisphere the sun travels from east to west in a southernly direction and so aligning solar panels towards south allows them to capture the most amount of sunlight over the course of a day and year than any other direction. However because east-west facing solar panels are pointing in two different directions they provide a unique feature that allows … Read More

How Snow Impacts Solar Production in Alberta

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Snow Impacts Solar Production

A lot has been speculated about how snow impacts solar production in Alberta. In this blog post I’ll discuss the results of the effect of snow and tilt on the output of NAIT’s Solar Reference Array, which showed that snow incurred no more than 6% of loss on annual output. Cold is good! A 250W module (commonly referred to as a … Read More

Imagining Alberta’s Solar Future

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kinetic multi rail racking

After hearing what Albertans had to say the Climate Change Advisory Panel recommended to the Alberta government that coal fired electricity be phased out by 2030 by phasing in 50-75% of its supply with renewables. Many reports submitted to the Panel advised on how much solar should be installed in the years to come. The Pembina Institute in their report Power to Change, conducted a study where … Read More